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ICFMsquare 2016

With todays information overload, it has become increasingly difficult to analyze the huge amounts of data and to generate appropriate management decisions. Furthermore, the data are often imprecise and will include both quantitative and qualitative elements. For these reasons it is important to extend traditional decision making processes by adding intuitive reasoning, human subjectivity and imprecision.

The International Conference on Fuzzy Management Methods (ICFMsquare) addresses the application of fuzzy logic to managerial decision making processes. Research papers as well as case studies are of interest in the following areas:

  • Fuzzy-based Portfolio Analysis 
  • Reputation Management with Imprecision
  • Web Analytics with Fuzzy Measures
  • Fuzzy-based Business Analytics
  • Inductive Fuzzy Classification
  • Community Marketing with Fuzzy Methods
  • Fuzzy-based Customer Equity
  • Service Level Management with Vague Data
  • Data Mining with Fuzziness
  • Fuzzy-based Stakeholder Management
  • Customer Relationship Management with Fuzzy Methods
  • Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Creativity and Knowledge Management – Business (Process) Modeling with Words
  • Sense-making with Vague (Web) Data
  • and related topics

The scientific program consists of keynote speakers, research papers, and tutorials. We are happy to announce that the proceedings of ICFMsquare has been published in the International Research Book Series on Fuzzy Management Methods by Springer, Heidelberg.

The program activities of the International Conference on Fuzzy Management Methods are the result of a huge effort for authors, keynote speakers, reviewers, and organizers. We thank them all for helping to make this conference a success.

Fribourg, September 2016

  • Andreas Meier, University of Fribourg
  • Edy Portmann, University of Bern
  • Kilian Stoffel, University of Neuchatel
  • Luis Terán, University of Fribourg and ESPE 




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