The purpose of the foundation is to use the Fuzzy Logic to solve business, economic and social problems. In particular, concepts and methods for web-based services (Fuzzy Management Methods) are to be made available to the public and the private sector. The foundation is international and supports the following goals:

  •  Conduct research and development projects to promote the use of fuzzy logic for science, economics and society.
  • Publication of books respectively eBooks and / or book series for research and dissemination of Fuzzy Management Methods.
  • Organization of conferences for the exchange of research contributions and practical case studies for the purpose of the Foundation.
  •  Launch of magazines respectively eJournals to promote knowledge about Fuzzy Management Methods for society, science and business.
The foundation has charitable character and does not pursue any profit-making purpose. The donor reserves based on Art. 86a ZGB and under consideration the statutory conditions expressly the right to change the purpose of the foundation.
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